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Looking for a professional videographer in Berlin?

You’re looking for an epic videographer in and around Berlin. You also need someone to handle post-production.
Maybe you’ll need a sound engineer and make-up artist, too?

When working abroad, it can be tough to vet qualified people.
You need someone to speak your language (FR, EN, DE), and speak THE language of production. You need an agile, lean production crew without relying on bulky and expensive agencies.
You’re tired of working with unqualified and unprofessional freelancers. You need the project turned around in a hurry.

You demand quality. You deserve epic.

I eat, sleep, and breathe video content.

I create it with purpose. There’s more to creating killer content than simply editing clips together. It’s about producing content that touches the viewer, and stays at the top of their mind.

I handle every aspect of your video production, from pre to post to final cut. I’ve got fast internet speed for quick uploads of raw footage. I’ve got an awesome team of equally qualified freelancers at your disposal.

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