MerryTune - Baby Carrier Brand Video

Client: MerryTune
Type: Brand Video
Place: Berlin, Mitte
Use: Website, Social Media

two women smiling with their baby carrier

MerryTune has the mission to develop products that make life with a little baby more comfortable. Ther main product is a baby carrier that can also turn into a child seat.


For the launch of an advertising campaign in germany, the brand needed visual content made locally. In this way, after finding models, we shot during one day at different spots in Berlin.

A mom smiling at her baby in a baby carrier
Underground Baby Carrier use

I filmed and took pictures during this shooting day. During the post-production, I edited the photos and created this 30 seconds brand video.
The main difficulty during the shoot was the fact that we only had one real baby coming in the afternoon, at one location. In this sense, the challenge was to show as much as possible of the product, without letting the audience guess that there is a doll inside the product.

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