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When is the best time to shoot a video? 📹
More than in terms of the time of day, is there a better time of year, a season? Or in relation to actual events, is it good to shoot a video during a crisis?

There is also a second question that comes along:
When is the best time to POST a video? (on social media)

During a crisis vs Out of a crisis?

Video shoot during a crisis videographer talks
  • Try to get the light from in front of you, not behind.
    Ex: Windows
  • Light position

Summer vs Winter?

Summer vs Winter to shoot a video
  • Try to get your webcam at Eye Level
  • Have a look at your background
  • Try to look in the camera

The best time to POST a video?

Now is the best time

A question that comes along is when is the best time to POST a video? (on social media)

You can find different opinions on that. What we know is that it’s decisive to have a great engagement as quickly as possible. So the answer is post your video when your audience is active on the platform.

  • Summer vs Winter
    It’s rather your offering that might change. I’d say that people are still online during the summer.

  • Weekend vs Weekday
    People are also browsing their phones during the weekend and vacation. Sometimes even more. So it depends on the platform and on your message.

So right now is the best time to shoot and post your video.
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