Craftsmen Testimonial Video - MyHammer

Client: MyHammer
Type: Testimonial Video
Place: Berlin
Use: Website, Social Media

craftsmen using the MyHammer App

MyHammer is Germany’s largest craftsmen’s portal on the internet. As the market leader, they support professionals in their search for jobs and help consumers find the right company for their home and garden needs. The spectrum ranges from complete construction measures to reparations and home renovations to removals.


In the search of more craftsmen on their portal, the MyHammer team decided to film a serie of craftsmen testimonials. These will then mainly be promoted as advertisement on Facebook.

Craftsmen at work

I shot this interview and some related B-roll in around 2 hours. Together with the marketing manager, we then created  different versions out of this material (short version, long version, square format, with subtitles…)

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