Dassault Systèmes - Case Study Video

Client: Dassault Systèmes
Type: Case Study Video
Place: Oelde, North Rhine-Westphalia
Use: Social Media, Website

GEA x DASSAULT Simulation sorgt für Sicherheit der Mitarbeiter

Dassault Systèmes is a large software company that develops software for 3D product design, simulation, manufacturing and more. Established companies and startups use the company’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform to create, test and optimize consumer and business-to-business products and services.


The objective was to create a video showing how GEA Group teamed up with Dassault Systèmes to simulate airflow and the potential spread of aerosols in their canteen, as well as to investigate virtually different safety measures for the re-opening of their canteen, to implement an effective risk management strategy and ensure a safer environment for the GEA employees.

Canteen GEA Oelde

Gathering for the shooting, a sound engineer, a make-up artist and a second cameraman, I was in charge of the main camera as well as the lighting.
I later did the whole post-production, also implementing illustration footage, especially insights of the 3D simulation of the canteen.

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