EnviroSustain - Company Trailer

Client: ES EnviroSustain GmbH
Type: Corporate Video
Place: Berlin, Mitte
Use: Social Media, Website

Sustainability Consultancy Video

EnviroSustain has been providing since 2001 flexible and holistic sustainability solutions to European commercial real estate firms.


The objective of this Company Trailer was to create a short, engaging advert for EnviroSustain, which refers to the company’s rich history (Past), its culture, vision, mission and values, and the work it does for its client as well as the direction the company is heading in (Future).

The tone of the video was set to be formal enough that it appeals to EnviroSustain’s target audience and prospective clients, but not so formal that it doesn’t stay true to the company culture.

Company Trailer Berlin

At EnviroSustain’s office, we set-up different interview situations. The script was set ahead and I filmed alone with one camera, then post-produced it to create this 2-minutes trailer.
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