Lotao - Video Ad

Client: LPP Lotao Pack- und Produktions GmbH
Type: Video Ad
Place: Berlin
Use: Social Media, Website

Lotao Product - Jackfruit

LOTAO stands for vegan, sustainable and high-quality organic products. Their aim is to find culinary rarities, to share their knowledge and enjoyment.


With old videos on their channels, we wanted to developp a new fresh Video Ad to promote the brand. We aimed for a dynamic 30 seconds Ad showcasing the diversity and traditions in the Lotao products. We then found a kitchen showroom and improvised actors for a half a day of shoot.

Cooking Team two women Ad
Behind the scenes videographer filming Lotao Ad

After setting up a concrete Storyboard of different cooking teams, we needed to carefully plan  the shooting, to respect the corona restrictions. As such, I filmed during half a day, with one camera. Then came the post-production which runned smoothly, thanks to the preparation beforehand.

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