Bosch Rexroth – IoT Showcase

Client : Bosch Rexroth
Type : IoT Showcase – Industrial Fair Video
Place : Lohr am Main
Use : Social Media, Fair


Director explaining a topic in front of a 3D printer

Hans Michael Krause explaining the Additive Manufacturing


For the Hannover Messe, Bosch Rexroth will demonstrate the potential of open and scalable automation solutions for the factory of the future at the Hannover Messe. We used the example of a fully automated 3D printer that is connected via 5G.




two technicians discussion about a 3D printed chair for the industrial video

Two Technicians analysing the 3D printed chair


Shot in one afternoon, we evolved without storyboard. After filming the interview of M. Hans Michael Krause, Director Market & Product Management PLC & IoT, I recorded B-Roll, the differents moments that needed visual images.






At Lohr am Main, after shooting another interview in the morning, we headed to another space to shoot this video about Additive Manufacturing. I shot and edited this video.