Aja, Business Coach

Client : Aja Edmond
Type : Welcome video, Presentation
Place : Berlin
Use : Social Media, Website





Aja is a life and business coach for creative entrepreneurs. She helps her clients build a business that gives them freedom, fulfillment and financial success.



b-roll presentation video

B-Roll for the Introduction Video



This introduction is a part of 3 different videos. Indeed, we shot in one morning an interview of Aja and theses life moments. So that we had enough material to create thia short introduction video (30 seconds). We edited a longer lifestyle video of around 1’30 and the longer interview lasts around 10 mibnutes.




My role was to accompany Aja on her vision and to translate it in the best way possible. An important value for her is for example minimalism.
We first shot the interview, then the B-Roll/Lifestyle moments.