EnviroSustain – Delegate Interviews

Client : EnviroSustain
Type : Interview Montage Video
Place : Amsterdam
Use : Website, Social Media


Conference room after the speech for the aftermovie

Just after the closing speech of Greenbuild


Four days in Amsterdam to accompagn EnviroSustain at Greenbuild Europe 2019.
Founded in 2002, Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building. And EnviroSustain is one of them. Since 2001, they have been providing flexible and holistic sustainability solutions to European commercial real estate firms.




Interview setup, one woman answering two man

Interview Setup at EnviroSustain Video Louge – Greenbuild Europe 2019


We hosted a video lounge where we interviewed over 30 delegates to find out what sustainability in the built environment means to them.
After editing each interview individually, we created this Montage, giving us a preview of the answers.




I accompagned the EnviroSustain Team for four days in Amsterdam. Besides this Interview Montage, we also developped an Aftermovie of this trip.
We had a special space to film these interviews, a Video Lounge that was privated for us, for one day.