Rangebox – Kickstarter Video

Client : Rangebox
Type : Kickstarter Video
Place : Berlin
Use : Social Media, Website, Kickstarter


two start-up founders in video

Minh and Dat the two founders of Rangebox.



RangeBox, the world’s first gift boxes with adjustable capacity, is a young start-up who launched a Kickstarter campaign in November 2018.
A box for books and one for wine bottles, created to fight the waste of wrapping paper each year.



A Start-up box, in video

The RangeBox Book Box



This video was a necessary tool for the campaign launch. This was a first time for the two 19-year-old founders, passionate about their project. In addition of doing something for the planet, their goal is also to empower young local artists and that’s why the theme of the Book RangeBox was made by Marekue.




Berlin videographer filming start-up founders

Joffrey showing a scene to the founders.



One afternoon of shooting was enough to create this 2’30 video. In close collaboration with the 2 founders, I directed the whole and assured the post-production process in a short time. We use two cameras, LED lighting and a Rode microphone.