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Important in the buying process of a customer, a testimonial video enables you to display not only whether the service or product has met the expectations, but also the evolution of how your product or service has had an impact on the life of your customer.

Better Conversions

A testimonial video allows you not only to create a strong relationship with the person you are interviewing, but also to reassure potential customers in a need for transparency and trust.
By placing one of your customers in front of the camera, you’ll create a real sense of credibility and this sincere and real opinion will then help you build trust towards your company’s offer.

In addition, studies also show that an Internet user is more likely to buy a product/service or contact a company after viewing a video.

Put your product in context

A testimonial video allows you to put your product in context, to present it in the hands of your current customers.
The message will automatically be more authentic and thanks to the video format, we can even add animations, show statistics or tangible results achieved by your customers through your product.
See similar effects in the product video.

The Use

Easy to share, you can use this content marketing model on your social networks, in emailing or on your website.

When you place it as the focus of a page on your website, in a marketing campaign, they can be more impactful than anything written by your company or any other commercial you may have produced in the past. It shows your company’s ability to improve the lives of people like your potential customers: It is authentic, heartfelt, and evocative.

The Form

From 30 seconds to several minutes, you can usually get across everything you need in 45-90 seconds:

  • Company introduction ( signage, logo…)
  • Client introduction. His name and a bit about their life and daily business.
  • Your questions to the client. Him explaining his customer journey?
  • Outro

Testimonial video berlin - More examples

Conversation with – Trianon Résidences
A discussion between Michèle Sabban and Cédric Simonin. Shot with three cameras.

Testimonial Video – FinMarie
A testimonial of two clients of FinMarie, the first investment platform made by women, for women.

Testimonial Video – Leapsome
A testimonial video shot during the event HR Salon by Leapsome. Here Michael Trautmann, speaker on this event.

Testimonial video berlin - FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Real numbers to prove it?

  • Reseaches show that 68% of the interviewed persons prefer to learn more about a company, product or service by watching a video, rather than reading text.
  • According to a recent study (2019), 64% of B2B Marketers have increased their use of audiovisual content compared to one year ago.
  • 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.
  • Google and other search engines rank higher websites with video content.
    More statistics

How much does a testimonial video cost?

The price of your video testimonial is calculated according to the extent of the production steps and the number of options.
It is in this way based on these three elements:
– Conceptual and human effort (days of pre-production, production, post-production)
– The duration of the video
– The different extras (subtitles, adding animations, second cameraman…)

How do we prepare for it?

Before starting the production of your testimonial film, it is important to be clear on these different points:

Who are you going to interview?
What is the purpose of the video?
How did your solution help your customer?

What are the steps?

Together, we discover who you are, your strengths and how to communicate it effectively with the outside world. Whether you already have an idea in mind or are still at the very beginning. I help you to articulate it in images.
This is all about pressing “REC”. With professional equipment and the attention to detail, I start producing your testimonial video.
The work here is done on computer. I edit, organize, retouch captured images or add animations, special effects. Your video is then almost finished, ready for a first viewing.

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