Velero - Object Video

Client: Velero Immobilien AG
Type: Object Video, Product Video
Place: Hagen
Use: Website, Mailing

Velero Panel Video of the settlement

Velero is an established asset manager focused on the purchase and management of German residential real estate.


Along other objects in their portfolio, we wanted to present this settlement in Hagen. Important was to obtain aerial views as well as the asset manager presenting onsite the residence. The video is mainly created for investors, to show the implemented measures and their effects.

Appartment Video Velero
Appartment Videographer Joffrey Umbdenstock

For this project, I brought a colleague on board, responsible to take drone shots of the settlement, as well as a second camera angle during the asset manager interview.
Making sure that we record correctly all the different footage, I was also the main cameraman, as well as the director, leading the asset manager during the presentation.
I then post-produced the video, also implementing archive images of the object.

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