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The popularity of Social Videos has exponentially increased. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the numbers of videos and daily video consumers is HUGE. Companies that do not use video on Social Media leave a great opportunity on the side.

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A Great Social Media Marketing Tool

  • Nothing makes a more direct connection to the consumer than a video. They lead to the highest engagement rate, which also lead to more clics and more sells.
  • Social Medias promote video content through their algorithms. Over 500 million people are watching video on Facebook every day (Forbes).
  • Videos can convey complex informations in a short time. For example explaining a new product within 140 characters on Twitter would be extremely harder than a 20 seconds video on this social network.

Video Marketing Strategie

  • Planning. Among your strategy, it is good to have a clear editorial style for your different social media accounts.
  • Keep it Short. In the age of our short attention span, a 90 seconds video is already a good lenght to present your company.
  • Call to Action. One of the key elements of the strategy, what should the viewer do after watching the video.
  • Goals. Before producing the video, you should have clear goal that the video will accomplish.

Videos for every Marketing goals

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Employer Branding

The key points of a Social Media Video

  • Have a clear Strategy along your Videos.
  • Quick identification (logo, name of the brand, graphic charter, link to the website ...)
  • Reaches a wide audience thanks to a multi-channel and multi-platform broadcast
  • Accurate statistics of your communication campaigns (Views, origin, behavior, ...)
  • Add subtitles to overcome the mutation on social networks.


Most frequent questions and answers

I’m Joffrey Umbdenstock, a videographer based in Berlin and simply put, I make videos!
I create video content for your internet presence and my goal is to tell YOUR STORY in the best, most interesting way.

I work with companies that want to show what they are doing and how they are doing it. From young Tech Startups to established Real Estate companies the themes vary and made me ready for any eventuality.

Whether you only want a short video for Instagram or a longer film for your website, the main factors influencing your investment are the lenght of the finished video, the type (with 2D animation, Interview, B-Roll…) and the differents extras (closed captions, 4K, second cameraman…).

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