Company overview video

Introduce your company

A good company overview video should have a tone and voice that fits with your brand and audience and provide viewers with relevant information in an engaging way.

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Showcase your company

A company overview video is here to showcase who your company is and what it does. Corporate videos are a quick way to tell a company’s story.
The rule Keep It Short is here also applicable and the video shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes.
The average internet user spends 88% more time on websites with video (Forbes). So feature your company video prominently on your company website giving the visitors directly the most important informations.

With this video, increase your visibility by sending it in a Newsletter, sharing it on your social media accounts. Videos are also very beneficial for your SEO.

Forms of company overview

  • Brand Documentary
    Brand documentaries, are about providing an intimate view of your company and sharing your mission and values.
  • Company Profile
    A company profile is a more formal video that provides insight into a company’s goods and/or services.
  • Culture Video
    Generally aiming potential employees, you can here show the great atmosphere of your offices, tell honest stories and give the word to your collaborators.

The key points of an Company Overview

  • Make your business emotional
  • Create a relashionship of trust with your customers
  • Reaches a wide audience thanks to a multi-channel and multi-platform broadcast
  • Promotes SEO of your website
  • Accurate statistics of your communication campaigns (Views, origin, behavior, ...)


Most frequent questions and answers

I’m Joffrey Umbdenstock, a videographer based in Berlin and simply put, I make videos!
I create video content for your internet presence and my goal is to tell YOUR STORY in the best, most interesting way.

I work with companies that want to show what they are doing and how they are doing it. From young Tech Startups to established Real Estate companies the themes vary and made me ready for any eventuality.

Whether you only want a short video for Instagram or a longer film for your website, the main factors influencing your investment are the lenght of the finished video, the type (with 2D animation, Interview, B-Roll…) and the differents extras (closed captions, 4K, second cameraman…).

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