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Important in the buying process of a customer, a testimonial video enables you to display not only whether the service or product has met the expectations, but also the evolution of how your product or service has had an impact on the life of your customer.

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Better Conversions

it enables you to first create a strong relationship with the interviewee, but it also reassure potiential customers in need of transparency, trust.
Plus, studies also show that a visitor is more likely to buy a product / service or get in touch with a company after seeing a video. And having a real customer who shares his experience is an argument taken into account.

The Form

From 30 seconds to several minutes, you can usually get across everything you need in 45-90 seconds:

  • Company introduction ( signage, logo…)
  • Client introduction. His name and a bit about their life and daily business.
  • Your questions to the client. Him explaining his customer journey?
  • Outro

The Use

Easily shareable, you can easily use this testimonial video on your social media accounts, in an Emailing or on your Website.

When you place it as the focus of a page on your website, in a marketing campaign, they can be more impactful than anything written by your company or any other commercial you may have produced in the past. It shows your company’s ability to improve the lives of people like your potential customers: It is authentic, heartfelt, and evocative.

The key points of a Testimonial Video Berlin

  • Create a relashionship of trust with your customers
  • Reaches a wide audience thanks to a multi-channel and multi-platform broadcast
  • Promotes SEO of your website
  • Accurate statistics of your communication campaigns (Views, origin, behavior, ...)


Most frequent questions and answers

I’m Joffrey Umbdenstock, a videographer based in Berlin and simply put, I make videos!
I create video content for your internet presence and my goal is to tell YOUR STORY in the best, most interesting way.

I work with companies that want to show what they are doing and how they are doing it. From young Tech Startups to established Real Estate companies the themes vary and made me ready for any eventuality.

Whether you only want a short video for Instagram or a longer film for your website, the main factors influencing your investment are the lenght of the finished video, the type (with 2D animation, Interview, B-Roll…) and the differents extras (closed captions, 4K, second cameraman…).

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