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65% of people are visual learners and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. This led to having the majority of consumers prefering video content to reading and an Animation Video is THE tool for a successful product or service presentation.

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Keep the Viewer's Attention

Internet users have a very short attention span, they scroll quickly through their feed. Animation video are a good way to evoke emotions that resonate with the viewer. An interesting story is also likely to keep the viewer until the end of the video.

Simplify Complex Topics

Animated Videos enables you to explain a complex topic easily. A flying character, a time-travel or more functionally how mechanisms and processes work.
We can also, thanks to Storytelling transform these complex topics into a funny video that will entertain the viewers.

Limitless Creativity

From Motion design to 3D Animations, the graphic possibilities are limitless. We can control and personnalize everything and in this way make your brand more emotional.

The Key Points of an Animation Video

  • Final creation controlled
  • Freedom of creation
  • Illustration of difficults subjects
  • Reaches a large audience thanks to its ease of understanding
  • Promotes the SEO of your website


Most frequent questions and answers

I’m Joffrey Umbdenstock, a videographer based in Berlin and simply put, I make videos!
I create video content for your internet presence and my goal is to tell YOUR STORY in the best, most interesting way.

I work with companies that want to show what they are doing and how they are doing it. From young Tech Startups to established Real Estate companies the themes vary and made me ready for any eventuality.

Whether you only want a short video for Instagram or a longer film for your website, the main factors influencing your investment are the lenght of the finished video, the type (with 2D animation, Interview, B-Roll…) and the differents extras (closed captions, 4K, second cameraman…).

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