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As a real tool to improve the comprehension of your solution, a product video enables you to demonstrates how your product functions in the real world, and what impact it has. By using narrative and metaphor, a product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

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Create better conversions

Many internet users still remain reluctant to buy on the internet. Thus many e-merchants choose including videos to present their products and not just a simple photo.

People are also more likely to retain information received through video because the information is presented through audio and visual channels. That’s why when companies need to express something about a product quickly and memorably, a video is the best way to do it.

Improve Trust

A good product video truly engages users and helps them understand why they need a product.
It presents and explains the benefits of the solution you bring.
Through this dynamic communication, appreciated by Net surfers, you improve your customer relationship and their trust.
You also differenciate yourself from your competitors and improve your SEO on search engines.

The key points of a Product Video

  • Improves the understanding of your product
  • Create a relationship of trust with your customers
  • Reaches a wide audience thanks to a multi-channel and multi-platform broadcast
  • Accurate statistics of your communication campaigns (Views, origin, behavior, ...)
  • Promotes the SEO of your website


Most frequent questions and answers

I’m Joffrey Umbdenstock, a videographer based in Berlin and simply put, I make videos!
I create video content for your internet presence and my goal is to tell YOUR STORY in the best, most interesting way.

I work with companies that want to show what they are doing and how they are doing it. From young Tech Startups to established Real Estate companies the themes vary and made me ready for any eventuality.

Whether you only want a short video for Instagram or a longer film for your website, the main factors influencing your investment are the lenght of the finished video, the type (with 2D animation, Interview, B-Roll…) and the differents extras (closed captions, 4K, second cameraman…).

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